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School Improvement

The Orchard Learning Alliance is committed to providing high quality educational experiences in all our schools, ensuring that all pupils thrive regardless of their background.

School improvement is at the heart of the Orchard Learning Alliance and experienced School Support Partners work collaboratively with colleagues in schools to share good practise and improve educational outcomes.  All schools in the Orchard Learning Alliance receive robust challenge and support so that all children are taught in excellent schools.  Support Partners work alongside leaders and their staff providing bespoke professional development and supporting head teachers to achieve their school improvement priorities.

Whilst valuing each school’s individual curriculum, it is the role of the School Support Partners to offer advice and guidance, respond to need, and draw upon the expertise from within and outside the trust; thus ensuring that pupils within OLA schools receive an excellent education.

Our Core Offer

·      Providing support, advice and challenge in strengthening quality of education for vulnerable groups

·      Bespoke support from School Support Partners or outside agencies

·      Complete subject reviews followed by a 90-day review

·      Facilitate annual whole school reviews

·      Implement annual safeguarding audits

·      Facilitate Networks for safeguarding and SEND leaders

·      Support with recruitment

·      Organise and deliver shared training

·      Instigate and support working parties

·      Provide relevant shared policies to schools

·      Organise training for staff professional development

·      Organise showcases to develop practise