Vision and Values


Why we exist

  • To promote excellence and social justice through exceptional schools. 
  • We aim to provide the highest possible quality of education for all our children, to ensure that pupils from all backgrounds thrive. 
  • We believe that schools have a social responsibility to ensure that all children, regardless of any disadvantage, are given equality of opportunity to succeed and that all barriers to learning are challenged.


How we will behave

  • We cherish the relationship between pupils, staff, parents, carers and governors and we will nurture these relationships for the benefit of all. 
  • We will make sure that through courageous choices and meaningful collaboration, everyone at The Orchard Learning Alliance thrives.
  • People Matter. We value the contribution of individuals, and we will continually invest in their development. 


Our ambition 

  • We want to be an Alliance that serves our communities in a way that transforms the life chances for all.
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